Make Up Missed Summer Classes in the Fall

Monkey Rock Music has one of the best sets of policies in the city to make sure you take every class you’ve paid for – and in the summer it get’s even better.

We know that summers are unpredictable, so we’ll let you make up any missed classes in our summer session anytime before the following December 31st – you don’t even have to be enrolled in the fall session.

How do I make up classes?

When you miss a class, log into your account and find the class in question from the list of dates. Click the ‘RESCHEDULE’ button. This will automatically generate a make-up lesson on your account. When you’re ready to schedule it, click ‘MAKE-UP’ in the top menu bar, and you’ll see a list of classes you can use to make up your missed class.

Note that you need to cancel your class before midnight on the day the class takes place – you can even do it in advance, if you know you’re going to be away! Forgot to cancel the class in your account? No problem – just email us with the date of the class in question and we’ll sort it out.

Our standard policy is that missed classes must be made up during the same session in which they are missed. In summer, however, we let you make up those missed classes during our fall session, too!

Sign up for our summer session now!

Can I credit them towards my account?

Unfortunately, no. What allows us to extend this generous offer to all our hundreds of clients is that you can’t actually credit the classes towards an enrolment fee. You can enrol in the full fall session, then use your make-up classes as additional classes  – thereby attending the same number of classes you paid for in the end. And as previously mentioned, you don’t even have to enrol to use those make-up credits.

If you have any concerns or questions about this policy, please contact us at