If you have any more questions, refer to our FAQ!


To register for a class, please fill out the online form – use the quick links on the right of the screen to navigate to the class you wish to join.  Mid-session registration charges will be pro-rated based on the remaining number of classes.


Siblings receive a 25% discount on both drop-in classes and full registration.  Infants under six months can be brought into their older siblings classes for free, but please be sure to fill out an enrolment form for them as well.


You can attend one class at a time for $17.70 + HST = $20 per class.  You MUST call in advance and register for your drop-in BEFORE THE CLASS – this is important to determine which class is appropriate for your child.  Please bring CASH ONLY to pay for your drop-in class.

Missed Classes

Classes missed during the session can be made up at any other location during the session in which they are missed.  I.e., classes missed in the spring session can be made up during the spring session, but not bumped to the summer session.  To make up a missed class, use your credits in My Account. You can make up a missed class at a sold out location – there are two extra spots reserved for this purpose.



Once a student is enrolled and the fee is paid, if you wish to cancel your enrolment and receive a refund a $30 administrative charge will be applied.  This fee is to offset the cost of the paperwork and time involved in enrolling  and then de-enrolling, as well as the issuing of the refund.  You can avoid the admin charge by choosing instead to bump any remaining credits to another session later in the year – limitations apply, please contact us for details.

We reserve the right to cancel any classes or session due to low registration, venue conflicts, etc.  Registered customers will receive full refunds for remaining classes.

Age Policy

To ensure that classes can be targeted to the appropriate age, it’s very important your child is enrolled in their age group. If your child’s birthday is during the session, please use this guideline – if your child’s birthday falls in the first half of the session, please enrol them in the older age group; if your child’s birthday falls in the second half of the session, please enrol them in the younger age group.  The only exception: younger children may be enrolled in their older sibling’s class.

At no point may a child too old for a class be present, or wait unattended outside the room.