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This form is for requesting a quote for a general event (E.g. schools, festivals, etc.). If you are looking to book a birthday party, please use this form instead.

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  • Please note that the Organizer will be the sole point of contact with our office.
  • e.g. Daycare, School, etc, if applicable
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  • This number can be amended - your best guess is fine!
  • Please indicate if the kids' parents/caregivers will also be present at the event.
  • Generally, private means you have a very accurate idea as to how many people will come (such as at a day care or private party); public means you will be advertising and admission is open to a large section of the general public (such as festivals, community parties, etc.).
  • Other activities may include other performances, face painting, craft/bake sales, bouncy castles or other attractions, etc.
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