We don’t teach children to play music; we teach children to love music. It’s a fun, entertaining and creative participatory music program for young children and their adult caregivers.

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John is moving to Australia.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Our family has been offered a tremendous opportunity – my amazing wife, an elementary school teacher, has enrolled in a teacher exchange. We will be going to live in Adelaide, Australia, for a year and an Australian teacher will come here – they will swap jobs and we even swap houses.

While there, I’ll hopefully be doing shows, schools and daycare programs, but likely not running our standard classes. I also will really need to remember to not make jokes about The Wiggles on stage.

This has been in the works for a while (obviously), and we’ve been getting things in place for Monkey Rock Music to run in my absence, which brings us to our next big news…

Kieran is our new Assistant Director.

You all know that Kieran is an amazing MRM instructor, but he has also proven invaluable behind the scenes. We’re super excited about his promotion!

Though I’ll continue to be involved in an online capacity, Kieran will be the ‘face’ of the company while I’m gone. And to make both our jobs a bit easier…

Meet our newest instructor.

Already training in some of our classes, Rory is going to be GREAT! Father of a two year-old himself, he’s a natural with the kids.

Look for Rory when we return to Parkdale this winter!

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