Events ‘Gig Rider’

The following policies are all based on experience - i.e., things that have gone wrong at past events! Their sole purpose is to ensure there are no miscommunications or surprises that might negatively impact our ability to blow you away with our fabulous performance. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY.

So we can match this form with your booking.
We'll be bringing a fair amount of gear to your event (particularly if we are providing a PA system and/or tent). Please indicate clearly where we should: 1) Park to unload the gear 2) Park during the event (if it's different than the unloading point). The best way to do this is to drop pins on Google Maps, then share the links with us. Feel free to offer any other information relevant to unloading and parking in this field.
If you have any concerns or questions about the above policies, PLEASE contact us before submitting this form at