20.05.2018 Use Summer Session Make-up Lessons in the Fall Session

by John King

Worried you’ll miss too many classes this summer?

Don’t be – you can make-up classes missed in summer anytime up until the end of December, even if you’re not enrolled in the fall session. How many? As many as you need to. I.e., you could enrol in summer, miss every single class, then still make them up in the fall.

Terms and conditions:

  • Make-up lessons have no cash value, and cannot be credited towards an enrolment.
  • Make-up lessons must be scheduled in advance, and are subject to available space in any given class.
  • The make-up class extension only applies to our summer session. Classes missed in any other session must be use before the end of that same session.
  • To claim a make-up lesson, be sure to cancel your class BEFORE midnight on the day you missed it – classes may be cancelled in advance if you know you will be away.

For more information, please view the first entry in our FAQ section.

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