COVID-19 Safety Plan

The Return of In-Person Classes

All our staff are fully vaccinated; all attending adults are required to show proof of vaccination to enter any class.

We are so excited to be rocking out in person again! That said, we’re also very mindful of the safety of your families and our staff. Please review our protocols and rules before enrolling:

Proof of Vaccination

All adults attending Monkey Rock Music classes are required to show proof of vaccination as defined by the government of Ontario to enter. You will need to show:

  • Your vaccination receipt showing you are fully vaccinated. This can be:
  • Identification. This can be:
    • Birth certificate
    • Citizenship card
    • Driver’s licence
    • Government (Ontario or other) issued identification card, including health card
    • Indian Status Card /Indigenous Membership Card
    • Passport
    • Permanent Resident card

— OR —

  • Proof of medical exemption. The province has defined this as a note from a doctor or registered nurse. This note must include:
    • The name of the person in the written documentation matches the identification provided.
    • The physician’s or registered nurse in the extended class’s information is complete by including:
      • Name and contact information of the physician or registered nurse in the extended class;
      • Logo or letterhead identifying the physician or registered nurse in the extended class;
      • Statement that there is a medical reason for the individual’s exemption from being fully vaccinated against COVID-19; and
      • Any effective time-period for the medical reason which includes the date the patron is seeking access to the business or organization.
  • Identification as outlined above.

Entry Procedure

As the Monkey Rock Music instructor will be required to check all customers’ proof of vaccination, it is imperative you arrive before your class begins.

We appreciate that can be difficult with young children, so we will be proceeding as follows:

  • The instructor will confirm proof of vaccination for everyone standing at the door up until the time class is scheduled to start. At this point the door will be closed and locked.
  • After singing the Monkey Rock Music Theme song, the hand warm up, and the Wake Up song, the instructor will admit anyone at the door at that time (approximately 5-7 minutes after the start of class).
  • At this point the door will be closed and locked for the remainder of the class. If you arrive after the ‘check’, you’ll have to schedule a make-up class at another time using our website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To avoid cutting classes too short for those already in the building, if you are not standing at the door when it’s time to lock it, unfortunately we cannot wait for you. I know – it’s harsh. The problem is the one or two more minutes as cars keep pulling into the parking lot adds up quickly, and the 30 minute class becomes a 20 minute class. It’s simply not fair to those already inside.

  • Each class will have a maximum of 12 kids enrolled, with room for 2 make-up or demo lessons.
  • Caregivers will be limited to one per child.
  • Including the instructor, the maximum number of people in the room will be 29, though more likely 20-25.
Spacing and Masking
  • All adults will be required to wear masks indoors, children will be strongly encouraged to wear them as well.
  • Instructors will wear masks up until the start of the class, then remove them to sing.
  • Instructors will space themselves 3m from participants, based on Ontario Public Health guidelines for singing indoors.
  • We have carefully sourced the largest rooms possible, allowing for groups to all be at least 2m apart.
  • Class turn over times have been lengthened to 15 minutes to allow for safer entry and exit.
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available for use before and after class.
Contact Tracing
  • Everyone must be officially registered in advance to enter the room.
  • Attendance will be carefully recorded every class.
  • Anyone with the sniffles or other symptoms are not to attend. Ample options to ‘make up’ missed classes, either in person or on Zoom will be offered.
  • Instrument of the week:
    • Each week the instructor will demonstrate a new instrument. It will then be put aside so that children have the option of trying it out AFTER the class at their caregiver’s discretion.
    • The instrument will be sanitized, and those who try it must use hand sanitizer before and after touching it.
    • The option to try it out will be ‘down played’ so that you can choose to simply leave after class if you’re not comfortable with your child touching it.
  • The Jam Session
    • Towards the end of class everyone is encouraged to jam out on kids’ percussion instruments.
    • You may opt to bring some from home, or use instruments provided by the instructor.
    • Instruments from home:
      • MUST be rhythm percussion, such as tambourines, shakers, and castanets – please no ukuleles, xylophones, harmonicas, etc.
      • Please make sure they are out of sight until the instructor says it’s time.
    • Our instruments:
      • They will all be washed and sanitized before the start of each day.
      • Between classes, ‘used’ instruments will be stored separately to ensure all those given out are freshly cleaned.